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    A personal post on inspiration.

    A client of ours interviewed us last week for her blog. She is profiling some carefully selected designers and businesses and one of the questions she asked was, “Where do you get your inspiration from?” I suppose that inspiration is an ongoing process…

    Each day, the things that I see and touch contribute to my little box of inspiration. Sometimes, I physically pick up and keep objects of interest and random ephemera (as small as a beautiful candy wrapper or intricate bottle cap). Other times, the moment can only be partially captured in time in my camera. The rhythm of the streetscape, a random pile of discarded objects, the loveliest work or art, or mundane things that we pass while driving…. I realized that I find inspiration in… well — everything! There is something to learn about from every frame of life, in every person or object that we pass by each day; it’s a matter of not letting the said frame of time, object or person pass us by. There are infinite lovely human relationships that situate and give meaning to every object, place, and moment. We learn that it is these very objects, strung together, that become a visual language allowing us to construct memory & tell interesting stories (On Longing, Susan Stewart). We are always on a mission to appreciate the beauty in the everyday.

    I’ll share a few selects now and then so that you can get a glimpse of what I’m inspired by. Do share with us what inspires you!… It may well inspire us too 🙂


    Tags: Yorkville Toronto

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