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    And then there was light: some memorable Springtime work

    The sun is out and the weather is just delightful. Let us celebrate a little by sharing some Springtime creations that also delight the heart!

    On Light

    There is an inseparable relationship between the outside and our work: the beams of sunlight that stream in through the window everyday give life to our work and allow our work to be seen. Letterpress would have no meaning in the dark, just as a plant could not thrive without light. Light interacts with the surface of the paper and form shadows around the sculpted crevices of each intricate impression. Every stroke of ink that was transformed into a physical mold in order to cast a physical dimension, which comes to life in light.

    Claire & Tyler’s save-the-dates, in a charming, rustic, farm-inspired style | Private Estate, 2012

    Melissa & Dylan’s refreshing marble paper & letterpress invitations | Barbados, 2011.

    Grace & Ryan’s crisp and crystallized affair | The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto, 2011.

    Jennifer & Kent’s note of thanks | Distillery District, Toronto, 2011.

    Sonia & Adam’s Dior-inspired, west coast garden-themed wedding | Vancouver, 2012.

    Raewyn & Charlie’s love for willow trees, grass, and horses | Private Estate, 2012.

    Natalie & Dave’s, aviation meets mom’s garden | The Gardiner Museum, Toronto, 2011

    Zeena & Krikor, a love affair with purple & peonies | Toronto, 2011.

    Tamara & David’s understated luxury in cotton whites & matte silver | Jamaica 2012

    The photographs above are very special to us, and capture situations that cannot be duplicated. Taken when projects were “fresh off the press”, just before leaving our studio, they represent a meaningful moment in time. Hundreds of the same invitation suites are united in assembly, moments prior to being dispersed around the world — to be touched and seen in the light at varying times of day, across multiple time zones — to be cherished & put away, and years later, reminisced. Like wine and like humans, the paper ages gracefully and gains character over time, all in the presence of …light.

    Tags: Yorkville Toronto

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