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    In 2011, Angelina & Tyler came to us almost a year before their wedding. Together, we elevated the entire experience through design. Together, we created a very spectacular event experience that their guests still talk about years later. They are a romantic, modern and stylish couple. They enjoy the city, great food and art. Their choice of the Art Galler of Ontario as their venue couldn’t come at a better time. In 2012, coinciding with their wedding date, the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) presented masterworks by the most inventive and influential artist of the 20th century, Pablo Picasso — Picasso: Masterpieces from the Musée National Picasso, Paris. “Presenting Picasso masterpieces to a Canadian audiences is a major accolade for our country and the Province of Ontario,” said President of the AGO Board of Trustees Tony Gagliano.  “The AGO is most proud to host these artworks and honoured to provide the opportunity to experience one of the art world’s greatest masters.”

    Our vision began to form: to transform Angelina & Tyler’s wedding into a modern art soiree. Beginning with the most important element, the invitation, our design concept and art direction translated the entire wedding’s aesthetic from a storytelling perspective. As a teaser, the save the dates were printed on a beautiful soft white art cotton cardstock. The front side featured a dramatic and original, hand-illustrated word mark of Angelina & Tyler’s names and wedding date. No ordinary piece of art, the piece was stylistically influenced by a foundation of Cubism, with a contemporary Toronto-Canadian twist. The work was originally done in charcoal, and then letterpress printed in black, before we water-coloured each card individually. Essentially, each guest received a one-of-a-kind card which had no double. The back of the postcard was designed to echo an exhibition announcement, similar to the MoMA’s member catalogues. As a finishing touch that mimicked a couture postmark, we also created a crown emblem with their initials, which was pressed in silver.

    Guests were so excited when they received the save-the-dates! They had never seen anything like it before, and the finesse was par with Tyler and Angelina’s polished style and discerning eye. They had no doubt that they had to mark the day on the calendar immediately, as they patiently waited for the formal invitation to arrive.

    The invitation featured a gunmetal grey fabric-bound hardcover gatefold folio that was inspired a previous project that we had created in commemoration of the Royal Wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William. We repeated their custom name mark on the slipcase, which again, was letterpress printed in a miniature format and individually water-coloured by hand. The paper pieces were letterpress printed into a luxurious 220lb Crane Lettra cotton stock, and featured modern sans-serif typography contrasted against Cubist-influenced British royal crowns and gems that we did by hand in charcoal. Presented in a beautiful hand made box, the piece was simply a work of art. God is in the details, and we made sure that every detail was carefully orchestrated to perfection. Even the cardinal directions key of the map was a beautiful charcoal-illustrated Cubist interpretation of old-fashioned weather vane and clock face detailing. Angelina and Tyler had their guests excited again and they were ready to party and celebrate the wedding of a lifetime!

    When guests arrived at the wedding, the visual theme continued seamlessly, but the bar raised higher. We designed a 20 x 24” exhibit-styled welcome poster that was bound in the gunmetal-silver cloth of their invitations with their hand-painted name mark.

    We also transformed Baillie Court into a personal and private art gallery. For each of the 20 tables, we told Angelina and Tyler’s love story on each canvas. Elements of their lives such as places they had travelled to and landmarks (Big Ben, the ROM, the AGO) and food and beverage from their everyday (such as Sushi, beer, wine & cheese) and their favourite things (their AMG, her lambie stuffed toy, roses from Tyler) came to life in Picasso-inspired charcoal art all hand-drawn by our Art Director, Deborah. They were made into contemporary iconic posters, and each guest’s name was placed under one of these elements, which also indicated and identified which table they would be seated. Perhaps one of the most iconic pieces was the Picasso-inspired dragon and phoenix illustration which married the Chinese cultural heritage of Angelina’s family with the couple’s appreciation for art and art space.

    It allowed family and friends to get a deeper and energetic glimpse of their story, in an up close and personal way. In fact, most of them thought that these were works commissioned by the Art Gallery of Ontario! Editorially, it became a very precious photographic opportunity.

    After cocktails were winding down, the big moment of the reveal arrived! The panel wall of Baillie Court was pulled into the walls like a curtain opening to an operatic stage. Guests poured into the reception area, where Angelina and Tyler’s art transformed the space. The charcoal crown that we designed was projected onto the screens and their emblem was enlarged to the size of the dance floor. It was an incredible moment!

    Each menu then echoed the seating posters with the same artwork, but with one more incredible detail! Each guest’s name was printed in the corner to tie back to the postmark style from the save the dates. Stacked above was the beautiful crown emblem, and below was a thoughtful charcoal illustration of a carrot, cow, or fish — to indicate the guest’s meal choice! Not one detail was missed. Everyone took home their piece of stationery, because it became their personal keepsake.

    In a modern and beautiful palette of pale pinks, silver, greys, black-browns and charcoals, the experience of Angelina & Tyler’s wedding was like no other in the city—  a high-style, art event backed by romantic story-telling and tastefully refined eye-candy. The wedding was recognized and published in Wedluxe Magazine in 2013, in the Fall-Winter Issue.