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    Autumn Showcase Chapter 10: Yvonne & Dave

    Stylish, artistic, beautiful — those are the main 3 words that come to mind when I think of Yvonne Chan. She has been designing cakes for all occasions for over 5 years, all which are lovingly made and very cute. Another one of Palettera’s brides, Aliya, is a long-time happy customer and fan of her growing body of work. 😉 The more wonderful people that we meet, we realize that our community is quite closely connected. In a sprawling geographical catchment, it is rather comforting to know that we are not as alienated as it may often seem in a big city like Toronto.

    Aside from baking cakes, Yvonne is also really up-to-date with style trends and a classy dresser. She has a refined eye for fashion and inspires her family and friends with her clothing choices and good taste of shoes. But perhaps the most stunning outfit that I have ever seen her wear is the sari on her wedding day. The photograph of Yvonne in her traditional Indian wedding outfit is truly breathtaking, and quite unique. Dave, you have a beautiful wife!

    Dave & Yvonne’s wedding represents the coming together of the Chinese and Indian cultures. Both cultures indulge in highly saturated reds and golds in their fabric design and material cultural production, but offer an entirely different visual experience. For their invitation, we really wanted to highlight Yvonne’s artistic and stylish characteristics, and capture a bit of both Indian and Asian flavours. I designed a luxurious boxed invitation, featuring a beautiful neutral green and gold silkscreened paper wrap, a hardcover announcement featuring a handmade cloth flower, topped with gold, deep red and wine-coloured details. We will display better photos of this invitation suite at a later date!

    Bassem captures so much of the beautiful detail of their wedding clothing that really honour and celebrate the essence of both cultures. Paired with the gorgeous venues at the Shri Ram Mandir in Mississauga and La Vedette in Vaughan, this was truly an inspiring collection of photographs. The adorable baby holding onto her parents hands is Yvonne’s niece, Leah. Leah’s parents also started a blog about motherhood in all its adventure and glory: Tips for Mommies . This may be a good resource for our growing Palettera family of brides, of which many in the near future, will become moms themselves!

    Needless to say, Yvonne made her own wedding cake, which was inspired by the silkscreened paper used in her wedding invitations. She also created the same flowers that she made for the invitation on her cake, using sugar! I thought was a boldly classy cake that reflected not only the stationery, but also the purity of their venues’ palettes.

    Words are insufficient to describe the magic of this Chinese-Indian wedding, so may I present, the wedding of Yvonne & Dave (by Bassem photography):

    Congratulations Yvonne & Dave! We wish you a strong, fruitful and happy relationship! Next up — babies? 🙂

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