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    Autumn Showcase Chapter 4: Mabel & Von, wed at Palais Royale, Toronto

    A few months ago, there was an accident in Markham involving a plane from the Buttonville airport. And yesterday, while attending a civic engagement forum for Markham elections, we learned that in less than 5 years, the Buttonville airport will no longer receive funding from the GTAA and is likely to be shut down, and be replaced by private development of condominiums and offices. This piece of Markham’s history and landscape will soon be changed forever, so for couples and others looking for an interesting photoshoot venue, do act fast!

    That said, may we present the wedding of Mabel & Von, photographed here by Calla Evans, at the Buttonville Airport & “Toronto’s ballroom,” Palais Royale. Mabel is a talented furniture buyer for hotels in Toronto, a beautiful bride and also an aspiring jewellery designer. She personally created her own unique necklace and earrings, as well as all the jewellery for her bridesmaids. She came to me with great excitement last year, again, with a discerning eye for stationery, as it becomes the permanent representation of your wedding day for all your guests and a keepsake for family members. We created a unique pocket that was shaped to echo the Palais Royale logo, as well as a hint of formality as it resembled the “V” of the groom’s tuxedo/suit with a white shirt beneath. On the invitation that slides out, hand drawn orchids in bright, beautiful mauve adorned the phrase “all you need is love” (Beatles), which was hot pressed in silver. I loved their choice of gunmetal grey and magenta-mauve, as it was a refreshing combo for a Spring wedding.

    Their day began at Mabel’s home, where the ladies and gents each had their own floor before their first look at one another. They headed to the industrially handsome site of the Buttonville Airport at 16th avenue and 404. Perhaps the highlight of the shoot was the generosity of a private airplane owner and pilot, who kindly offered his plane to Von and Mabel, so that they could pose on, in, in front, behind his baby — what a lovely gesture and an exciting visual element for the bride and groom!Calla captured some stunning photos of the wedding party both indoors and outdoors!

    At Palais Royale, along Lake Ontario, Mabel and Von enjoyed a wonderful banquet celebration with their family and friends. Mabel and her dad danced a father-daughter waltz to the music Edelweiss, while Von’s dad and sisters presented their own performance dedication of “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” in a slow Elvis
    version and then the band kicked in with the vibrant UB40 version. Their band, Lady Kayne, was very well-received and got the party started!

    For favours, we designed a custom sticker for their small jam jars (2nd photo), and the couple made their own jam for their guests!!! Spread the Love! I liked how the play on words really tied into the phrase on their invitation, their colours were well chosen so that the jam jars were also coherent with the invitation and flowers and cake…. and it was nice that the couple took time out of their busy schedules to make their guests some gourmet favours!

    Morever, Mabel changed into her pretty traditional Chinese gown and Von changed into a barong – a traditional Filipino dress shirt. It certainly is our honour and privilege to be able to learn about the past that made us who we are, and to realize how culturally enriched we are in Canada, to live amongst friends and family who come from a plethora of interesting cultural backgrounds.

    To top off the night, the staff at Palais not only mixed great drinks at the open bar, but they did flame shows too!! And as the pictures show, it was a GREAT time.

    Mabel and Von also had their thank you cards designed by us! We don’t have the shots of that yet, but will update this post when the photos are available!

    Congratulations to Mabel & Von, married April 24, 2010!
    Photo credits: Invitation by Claudia Hung weddings. All other photographs: Calla Evans Photography.

    Tags: Yorkville Toronto

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