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    Autumn Showcase, Chapter 6: Linda & Stephen, wed at MEC

    PALETTERA indulges in weddings that celebrate cultural hybridity and involve vibrant ethnic elements. Linda and Stephen’s wedding represents the coming together of their Korean and Chinese families. During the initial creative consultation, Linda brought a magazine with a beautiful Korean hairpiece and also an example of their chopstick favours, adorned in coral-orange and seafoam blue silk wraps. The colour scheme soon evolved to greens, purples and orange highlights, which is a very vibrant combination, and also draws from many elements of the Asian cultures: jade, silks, jewels and threaded florals.

    Their wedding was planned by Cindy Johnson & April Moody at Platinum Events Group, and was held at the Markham Event Centre. Their photographer, Stephen K. Lee, captured some pre-ceremony shots along Main Street Unionville, here in Markham! In fact, we spotted Linda and Stephen on our way to deliver some lucite stationery to Andrew Richard Designs for Natalie & Rob’s wedding! They were gracefully taking photos in the parkette near the Varley Gallery and Too Good Pond, and it’s a really nice feeling to share a sense locality with clients — it’s a similiar sentiment to saying hello to a neighbour, or being able to walk into a local business and know people by name, or know that you are connected in a community as opposed to working in an alienated environment. Linda reminded us of a Korean star and her gown and veil was flowing in the wind, almost like on a movie set, except the wind was real and blowing from nature 🙂

    For Linda & Stephen, we created a trifold invitation (unforunately was not fully photographed here), where the centre English writing was surrounded by Korean on the left, and Chinese on the right. When closed, it featured an assymetrical design with a beautiful gemmed hairpiece (inspired by Linda’s favourite picture from her magazine) and a simple orange satin ribbon. These elements were also incorporated in their day-of stationery design, including a triple-mounted seating chart, placecards, menus, and single panel programs for their ceremony. Though quite respectfully traditional, the design was simultaneously modern and sleek, which is reflective of Linda — a bride who is beautiful, organized, classy, and modern and happens to be an engineer (what an awesome combination!).

    Stephen’s aunt and uncle even created a watercolour painting for the new couple, for which we created some signage and gained some insight. They thoughtfully combined Stephen and Linda’s chinese and korean names, which sound a bit like “teem” and “fa” (flower), into a common Cantonese phrase “gum seung teem fa”. It echoes the english phrase, “icing on the cake,” and eludes to the adding of something great to something that was already good. This is something that beautifully represents the coming together of two individuals in a marriage. I strongly believe that marriage celebrates what two people who love each other can do TOGETHER; that two is better than one (or else why get married at all?!). That together, burdens are halved and joy is doubled, and that what is already good is made even better. What a blessing!

    Congratulations to Linda & Stephen on your new life together.

    Photography Credits: Stephen K Lee Photography

    Tags: Yorkville Toronto

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