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    Autumn Showcase Chapter 8: Lesley & Andrew, Happily Wed at The Club at Bond Head

    I’m back! I was away for just under two weeks on a personal visit to Hong Kong, from which I will share some images and reflections once I am caught up with my business. It was not a vacation, but a solemn visit, and a short search for renewed inspiration on the side. More about this after the next few wedding reviews…

    Lesley and I first met at Starbucks, when our studio was undergoing renovations. We quickly discovered that her coworker, Monika, had also chosen Palettera for her invitations! From the get go, Lesley was very organized, holding a leather-bound journal with a debossed pattern that she used as a wedding planner — it was even the theme colour of her wedding: purple! Hopefully when we get together again this Saturday, I’ll get a chance to photograph her planner which is full of inspirations and scribbles that document every single decision she has made for her big day, from venue to flowers to fabric for her girls’ dresses — and the process of getting there. It’s literally exploding with magazine clippings, notes, quotations, and pictures. Her research & development of ideas embodies a similar value for process and creative brainstorm to the Palettera design process. I think that’s partially why we got along so well! We became friends and I truly enjoyed each of our meetings together.

    Purple, brown & gold were the main colours that Lesley & Andrew chose for their wedding at Bond Head Golf Club. A classy countryside venue, boasting 2 championship 18-hole courses and full clubhouse facilities, this was the perfect setting for their enthusiastic crowd and beautiful family. We created a gorgeous invitation that employed multiple textures to bring out an early autumn heirloom feeling of romance, countryside, wines and cheeses, gourmet feasting, and a cozy party. Cascading calla lilies and orchids that we drew by hand adorned a classically typeset flat panel invitation, topped with their full names pressed in shiny gold. The pressed texture allowed for a beautiful shadow effect on the linen paper surface, and is initially hidden by a purple straw-fibred band and satin chocolate ribbon. Upon opening the envelope, the guest would slide the band off to uncover the foil pressed names dancing across the page. I was very honoured to see that our stationery inspired a beautiful cake! The layers of their wedding cake echoed the textures and colours that we used in our design. Our hand drawings were also transformed into three-dimensional sugar flowers! Very nice!

    We continued the rich colour combinations into their menu design and placecards, which is captured here by the talented Calla Evans. Calla and I have never met in person but it sure feels like it because she and I have shared multiple wonderful clients: Anthea & Christopher, Melissa & Ivan, Mabel & Von…

    There is one thing that really resounded in Calla’s photos (aside from the chemistry between Andrew and Lesley). Can you guess? Yes, it’s the relationship between Lesley and her grandmother. This is particularly meaningful to me, as my grandmother, who meant the world to me, did not live to see my wedding. It really touches my heart that Lesley also loves her grandmother so much. She centered many moments around her grandmother, especially the traditional Chinese tea ceremony and “getting ready” for the big day. Being able to experience a grandparent relationship at depth is perhaps one of the most poignant processes in life — not everyone will have that opportunity, subsequent blessing and understanding of life and generational appreciation. The “Era” in P-A-L-E-T-T-E-R-A eludes to the essence of time, history and said relationships, and a tribute to the women in my family that passed down so much love, devotion and passion for life. I really hope that our work illuminates the importance of strong relationships and how they teach us to reach for the depths of fulfilling a meaningful life. This is story — history, in the [print]making.

    To Lesley and Andrew, thank you for the opportunity to design for you! Your families look so delighted to have you both come together and congratulations on your awesome party! May you have a wonderful marriage, where day by day, you write a meaningful story to pass down to your children and children’s children!

    Venue: The Club at Bond Head
    Stationery Design: PALETTERA
    Cake: Jaime Ho
    Photography Credit: Calla Evans Photography

    Tags: Yorkville Toronto

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