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    Autumn Showcase: Wedding Season in Review. Dorothy & Matthew, wed at Trinity College, party on the Park Hyatt Rooftop

    As the hectic peak of the wedding season is slowly winding down, I happily scroll through some of our wonderful projects of the spring and summer. Throughout this week, just before we launch our Christmas collection, we will be walking you down our aisle of love stories that translated into stationery designs. Alongside stationery, we will be featuring our lovely couples & their family & friends. We will only have a limited selection since photographers alike are just winding down their season and probably have a lot of editing to do before the images eventually find their way here. Hope you enjoy and are inspired!

    First up, Dorothy & Matthew, wedded in pale pink and ink blue. Though I did a quick post about their wedding already, I felt that this would be an appropriate wedding to showcase first. The rooftop of the Park Hyatt in the heart of Yorkville was a particularly memorable location: during a hectic month of weddings it was truly a breath of fresh air above all the crazy construction of the downtown core (especially the Bloor tree planting and enhancement job that seems to see no end). The evening instilled a sense of “rising above” and I really had a chance to appreciate a glimpse of Toronto’s great urban spaces.

    Dorothy & Matt’s invitations are close to my heart. It was our first equally bilingual letterpress design this season, and involved delicate hand craftsmanship. Aside from the beautiful japanese silkscreened belt and hand stitched ink blue ribbon, the invitation text was pressed in gold and adorned with abstract floral debossing and swarovski crystals, all packaged in a pale pink sewn pocket. A full page of beautiful letterpress in English, matched with beautiful chinese characters pressed in gold into 110 lb Crane Lettra paper – it was truly a great moment when we assembled the various pieces into an entire stationery suite. The lovely couple are tasteful, intelligent and dare to be different: they chose contrasting colours with gold highlights that perfectly exemplified class and creativity. These two words do really remind me of Dorothy, MD, and Matt who is working towards his PhD in sociology. M & D are the perfect mix of Science & Arts & a great conversation every time — with or without a nice bottle of wine. Speaking of which, we need to reply Matt on the offer of dinner at their condo!

    Photo credits above: Claudia Hung & associates Heidi Lau & Christopher Luk. (and some by us). It is always nice when the photographer remembers to capture the stationery, as it plays an integral detail role in every wedding. Whenever people have moments to themselves, they read and feel and “ooh” and “ahh” and look for more special moments within simple words on a page. This is something that I have personally witnessed others do while waiting for food or absorbing all the visual at the table – they wander and explore and eventually point out something on a menu or how their name is either gracefully written or butchered on their place card. ; ) It doesn’t necessarily have to be luxurious, but stationery must be thoughtfully designed & well crafted. It’s in the details.

    The wedding showcase continues….

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