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    Labour of Love in Print & Design: Couture Stationery Sneak "Peaks"

    For friends who are wondering where we’ve been lately….. we have been hiding out at the studio working: designing, mixing inks, cutting paper, working the letterpress, bonding with our hot press, folding, sticking, sewing, creating….. oh, what a labour of love! There’s no time to blog today, but here are some exciting sneak peeks of what we have been doing at PEAK season! Unfortunately, we can’t release the full designs for editorial and date-sensitive reasons, BUT here are some details I’m sure you’ll enjoy!

    One thing that I have reflected on lately is the importance of design and craftsmanship (more on a later blog). Anyone can slap a few pieces of paper together, maybe paste a card into a pre-made pocket, put a broach on a ribbon, or throw a piece of paper with centered or left justified text in a box imported from a far-away sweatshop…. but there is nothing like the process of making and thinking when they are intertwined. I’ve realized that with our team of paper lovers, we change and perfect things to the very last second before and sometimes after we have run it through our letterpress. We add little details as a personal investment into making things stellar….. but these details only come when you develop, draft, create, testprint, rethink and remake something over and over again. You love it, then hate it, and learn to love it again. When you’re hand-crafting 100 boxes by hand, you develop ways of perfecting and adapting to inner content better and better each time. The minor adjustments of running cotton paper through the press to get the deepest impression are tedious, but totally worth it when you see the results. Design and printing truly require thinking and passion at all times. 🙂

    Gorgeous textures and hand-illustrated letterpress for a wedding at the Hilton Suites Toronto-Markham…. the full invite will be revealed at a later date!

    We made thank you cards for our sweet couple Ashley & Jay, who were published in Wedluxe in the latest issue! 100% cotton paper with hand-mixed purple, made with authentic vintage wooden typeblocks and embellished with a deeply pressed gold heart that shines beautifully in the light.

    Luxe letterpress thank you cards with gold heart embellishment

    Beautiful and simple cards printed on our most lush linen card made for contributors of the bridal shower hosted at Markham Event Centre. Topped with a thoughtful quote by G.K. Chesterton: “I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.”

    Thank you cards for contributors to the bridal show Markham Event Centre

    Custom handcrafted boxed invitations with shiney silver presswork for an awesome, awesome wedding. One of our more extravagant invitations this year! Lookout for the big reveal.

    Custom hand-wrapped boxed invitations with shiney silver presswork

    Lately, the royal wedding has been all the talk, and this lovely little baby is already getting some royal treatment 🙂 Royal French Provincial-inspired Baptism Invitations, pocket style with a send and seal label, for a party at the Boulevard Club.

    Royal French Provincial-inspired Baptism Invitations

    For a sweet and good lookin’ couple that has chosen a gorgeous venue in Toronto for their wedding: The Royal Conservatory. An invitation that evokes an orchestral concert feel! To be photographed by JW this summer!

    a lovely grey & pink palette Wedding at the Royal Conservatory of Music

    This is not the final appearance of these boxes (it’s definitely more exciting than the ribbon that we used for the photograph). Two-toned gold boxed invitations for a Palais Royale Wedding! Contents will be revealed later in the summer.

    Palais Royale wedding in lush gold tones & handmade fabric flowers



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