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  • Little Potato Films

    Long Truong. Long is an independent cinematographer who was previously based on Montreal, Quebec. He has since found that his career steered him towards Toronto, where he has worked alongside other greats in his industry.

    He has created same-day-edits and short films documenting weddings for many couples over the last decade.

    Long’s style is classic-contemporary; he creates timeless pieces that are also refreshing and up-to-date. Like his character, he chose a humble and engaging name for his line of work: Little Potato Films.

    We came up with a unique and memorable concept for his business cards and branding through a direct and literal reference to potatoes. After doing research on many different potato shapes and sizes, we landed on three types of potatoes that would take on the persona of his company: the Yukon Gold potato, Red Norland, and Kufri Jyoti. We then created a friendly and lively word mark that complimented the wit behind the vision. The end product? A set of three uniquely-shaped business cards that were duo-toned: one side was potato skin coloured and the other, a natural soft-white cotton with his contact information letterpress printed in a sack-colour. The feedback of Long’s clients, tradeshow audience and industry colleagues has been unanimous — they will remember him forever.