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    Markers of time.

    It’s officially summer, and it’s almost time to share some of the incredible weddings that we worked on that are about to hit news stands across Canada!
    But before we do that, we felt it would be nice to give a teaser and share some of the wonderful photographs that our colleague Claudia Hung photographed for us a while back — luxury wedding invitations and stationery, meaningful philanthropic work, and many refreshing branding projects. We’ve been so blessed to be a part of every project.

    Putting authenticity back into luxury.
    At the core of the work we produce at PALETTERA, we always push the boundaries and strive to tell our clients stories meaningfully. We consistently maintain that substance and style must co-exist in a way that elevates and moves the other. The practice of designing for people is very involved when it’s done well — it’s intelligent, emotional, spiritual, spatial and very tangible. Style without substance is merely empty; substance without style will bore a generation that is visually stimulated. Seeing also doesn’t mean understanding — our generation is saturated with visual cues, but it doesn’t make everyone literate.

    Therefore, it’s important to articulate our vision, today and every day that we practice our art. We live to create poignant work; every project must edify culture and time. Ultimately, because time is limited and precious — something we guard sacredly by putting forth our best work. First, the time used to create must be a worthy investment and equally important is respecting the time someone would use to receive it. There’s already enough noise in the social sphere, there’s no need to pollute it any more, for everyone’s sake. Just like the value of cost is always under scrutiny, we challenge ourselves, our colleagues, and our clients with the same question — was it something worthy of your time? Will it truly inspire your audience when they use their time to receive it?

    On that note, we’ll leave you with an inspiring excerpt (and reminder) from Kevin O’Leary, “There’s a big difference between a solid pitch {product or work} that happens to dazzle and one that needs to dazzle to hide its lack of substance.”


    Lisa_Chuk_menus_zoomed_dsc_7380_watermarked Canadian_Fabric_2013_deck_dsc_7461_watermarked Melissa and John lucite table numbers by Palettera Palettera_branding_projects_zoomed_dsc_7498_watermarked Claire_Tyler_dsc_7520-2_interior_watermarked Afiya_Chris_programs_dsc_7352_watermarked Blenda_Justin_invitation_front_dsc_7329_watermarked Anishka_Gaurav_sleeve_detail_dsc_7303_Watermarked CAFA_sponsorship_deck_2013_dsc_7289_watermarked CAFA_sponsorship_deck_cover_ dsc_7284_watermarked Alexandra baby shower Fernanda and Patrick Muskoka wedding invitation by Palettera Palettera_business_card_design_dsc_7494_watermarked Claire and Rodney's minimalist reply card by Palettera Andrew_Kate_dsc_7371_watermarked

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