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    Momentus Events

    Nellie and Jackie’s company started with the name L3 (Live, Love and Laugh), but knew that as their business was doubling each year, they were ready for the next stage of their entrepreneurial journey. We did a complete rebrand for them along with creating their business cards. The name Momentus derived from the words moment and event, and evokes anticipation of an event that will be written in history; something that people will talk about for years. It is a strong name, only needing itself to exist, while capturing the essence of event planning—moment planning. For their logo, they wanted to attract the Asian community but did not want to pigeon hole themselves to just one group, so elements from ancient Chinese architecture implemented into their logo, while still keeping it modern. The line in the shape of the M are used to represent two people holding hands, and at large, a connection and relationship between Momentus and their clientele.