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    Our New Sign is Up!

    We cannot contain our excitement in the studio today! After several weeks of perfecting our order with the signage company, the large sign at our head office/design studio is up! If you drive up Warden Avenue this evening, you may be able to catch a glimpse. Our informal lighting ceremony will take place tomorrow, at the return of the electrician. The gentlemen on the massive cherry picker had a blast with kerning and alignment today — we thank them for a wonderful job!

    hand-crafted sign for PALETTERA's design studio and head office


    For those who have followed our work closely, you will know that our very first signage piece was hand-crafted by our team in 2009 (specifically, by Ray & Conrad). It was made from an authentic vintage typecase, which is recognizable by looking at the “tray” or frame that the wooden letters are backed onto. It is currently mounted outside our beautiful workshop and consultation space in Unionville, just around the corner from Main Street.

    You may have noticed that each letter of our new sign is an individual piece too! Every letter was lovingly hand-crafted by a neighbouring signage company in Markham; their team cut metal sheets into strips, before using heat to bend into place. Each letter was then powder coated, sanded and recoated again (we visited to see how it was done). Then, tubes of lights and wires were inserted prior to the last and bottom layer, which is used to diffuse light. Watching them “set the type” onto our walls this morning was such an exciting moment and milestone for our entire team at PALETTERA! It was as if the tiny lead typeblocks in our studio became magnificent sculptures, which now grace the top of our building. It’s a lovely reminder that type is not flat — each letter is an object, a sculptural form of being, and an integral part of our everyday, past and present. We are so happy that our sign can add some character to the streetscape, as we continue to contribute to our community, locale, and country.

    At this time, we just want to express how grateful we are to all our clients, colleagues, followers, our dedicated team, and our family and friends. We look forward to many fabulous years of celebrating and creating together!

    The PALETTERA team

    Tags: Yorkville Toronto

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