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    The Palettera Difference

    A Step By Step Guide To Our Process

    1. 01-lets-talk-over-tea

      Let’s Talk
      Over Tea

      A consultation with our creative director

      We are storytellers at heart and think every project should begin with a conversation. Come sit with us so that we can discuss how to translate your company’s story into an inspirational piece.

    2. 02-to-the-drawing-board

      To The
      Drawing Board

      The development of a concept & estimate

      From initial concept development through to formal design execution and hand craftsmanship, this is where the creative sparks fly and your story begins to take shape! We will present you with a proposed concept and pricing.

    3. 03-your-autograph-please

      Your Autograph,

      The signing of the contract

      A beautiful sketch and important story await to be brought to life, upon the signing of the contract and a cheque for a 50% deposit.

    4. 02-first-stroke

      The First

      Endless drafts until we hit the mark!

      We begin to create the blueprints of your design and collect the copy from you. Every stroke of ink is lovingly drawn onto paper by our artists’ hands, each stroke in relation to the last, creating lovely graphic forms that are one-of-a-kind. We pride ourselves in our unique offering of ENDLESS DRAFTS. It is our team’s commitment to perfecting the vision and concept while making it brilliant!

    5. 06-mockup

      100% Mockup

      The title speaks for itself

      Concept, design and production are married in one process at PALETTERA. See your vision come to life BEFORE it is fully produced. To ensure that what you see on screen translates beautifully in print, we provide you with a beautiful mock-up to hold in your hands.

    6. 09-polishing-the-diamond

      The Diamond

      Final Selections and Revisions Post-Mockup

      Let our Design Coordinator be your liaison to perfection! Because of our meticulous design process, we are able to produce flawless and breath-taking designs — so well done that they look effortlessly beautiful! We tweak the final details at this stage and receive your sign-off.

    7. 07-seal-of-approval

      Your Final Seal
      Of Approval, Please

      The final design draft is approved! Final logistics.

      With every ounce of confidence you can be rest assured that the flawless translation of both the formal design and hand craftsmanship will be impeccable! Upon receiving the final proof, you will give us the green light to move forward. This is when the balance of your project is due!

    8. 08-into-the-workshop

      Into The

      Full Scale Production

      No detail is too small and this stands as the backbone of our production process! Our team of craftsmen challenge the status quo of “handmade”. We are building a generation that proudly works with their head, heart and hands. Behind each piece of your project is a passionate human being who cares about making things beautiful.

    9. 09-completion

      The Completion
      of a Masterpiece

      Your completed project

      Impossible only means possible things not yet achieved. We always push the boundaries for every project. We are relentless at our work. The work will, most certainly, speak for itself!

    10.   09-white-glove-service

      White Glove

      Full mailout package

      If you so choose, we would love to follow your project through to your guests hands. Let us treat you to our premium service. We have a long standing relationship with the post office and world class delivery services!

    11. 11-happy-clients

      Happy Clients

      Inspired by an original story

      Many of our clients become long-term partners in other projects and friends. The PALETTERA family extends from Canada to the USA, Hong Kong, Dubai, England, Australia and around the globe.