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    Eunmi Park is the woman behind the passionately crafted confections and cakes at SweeterE, also known as Sweetere. As a wife and young mother, she bakes all her creations with love and the freshest and finest ingredients. She believes strongly in style and in wholesome taste.

    Eunmi is an Alumni from the Bonnie Gordon College. Truly unique in as a cake artist in her creativity and intricate designs, she has developed her own personal style in a very crowded industry. Eunmi’s creations have been featured by many publications such as the Wedding Co. magazine, WedLuxe and Weddingbells.

    For her branding and identity, we turned to her personal style in fashion and art. She is a classic woman who enjoys the details and having some fun. Her outlook is whimsical as she takes on a childlike heart towards discovery and the future.

    We translated this vision of Eunmi as an artist into the branding, by illustrating a Parisien-inspired cake that features a scripted ā€œEā€ and a cake slice. The cake is delicate and yet substantial, whimsical and yet sophisticated ā€” all captured with a simple few strokes of fountain pen ink. The business card is presented in a circle, which was first letterpress printed onto a 220lb Cotton cardstock and then die cut. We combined serif and script typefaces tastefully, drawing inspiration from French patisseries and vintage signage. It takes yesterday, today, and tomorrow into one image, so that clients can taste the life and love that Eunmi dedicates.