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    The Beauty of the Artisan's Hand


    One of the core values of Palettera’s design process is the artist’s hand — hand drawings, stationery letterpressed by hand, and hand-crafted invitations that add stunning structural layers. We carry this craftsmanship into everything we do…. including our signage!

    A bit of history in the making: Our storefront sign is cut from a piece of our vintage type cabinet from the 1920’s. We removed the slanted top, trimmed it to size on one end, and moved the right ledge over to keep the symmetry. Each letter of ‘PALETTERA’ was carved on a scroll saw, sanded down by hand, and then painted by brush. Lastly, I painted the smaller subheading with a tiny brush, each with beautiful irregularities that echo that of the tactile character of letterpress printing.

    We are proud of the final product, but more importantly, the degree to which we appreciate it is priceless. As one of our congratulatory cards says, “sometimes it’s not about what we get, but what we invest.” (From Auntie Maggie & Uncle Benjamin’s card) It’s a bit like our vintage shopping adventures & the inspiration that is intrinsic…. more on that for another post!

    Tags: Yorkville Toronto

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