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    Our Recent Work in Branding, Social Events & Weddings

    Thanks for keeping up with us! It’s been a very busy season at our studio, and our team is in the full swing of galas, weddings, events and branding projects. And we are loving every moment! Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ve been busy with! Though a quick sampling, these projects are a true testament to the unique styles of our clientele — and our dedication to telling the stories of each and every individual, company brand, family, or event.

    Tanya List Design & Floral. We were commissioned to develop a new branding concept for floral designer Tanya List and her new establishment in Muskoka. A charming person, Tanya herself represents effortless style and intricate beauty. Having founded and ran a successful floral design business in Toronto, we are confident that her new venture will be a huge success — especially with these gorgeous business cards in teal and orange, and intricate gold presswork. You’ll have to meet her in person to see the card for yourself!

    Inspired by a Designer. We designed a lovely architecturally inspired design for a Croatian wedding happening this September. The bride designs luxury homes, and so we incorporated the beautiful textures and aesthetic style of her work into their boxed, hardcover folio-styled invitations. This is a detail shot of the gold presswork on the cover.

    Contemporary Country Club. Above is a sneak peak of the lovely boxes we hand-crafted for Stefanie and Bradley’s wedding. Unfortunately, we can’t show anymore, as this is under wraps for now. However, we wanted to show you the beautiful wooden texture of the paper of the box top and the lovely quote pressed in gold. In the corner are custom postage stamps that we designed to match the invitations.

    Arriving stylishly. Congratulations are in order for Alison, of Candice & Alison Luxury Events — a new mom to a beautiful baby girl. Above is a sneak peak of the tres chouette drink tags we designed for Alison’s baby shower, which was at Malaparte in July. You can check out the full story in the upcoming issue of Chloe Magazine!

    Haute Engagement. Who loves Godiva? Sonia does! Our beautiful bride-to-be Sonia treated her guests to Dom Pérignon and Godiva chocolates at her engagement party this month. Each box was custom illustrated, pressed in silver, and constructed by hand to match the gunmetal and fuscia of her spectacular event — and each box housed a handful of freshly made artisan chocolates.

    Details Matter. Table numbers can be beautiful too! Here, numbers are printed with a lovely hand-drawn peony — an original PALETTERA illustration.

    Prestigious. A classic, clean look for a couple who got married in a lovely garden at their private family estate. Here, we have the programs which were printed on 100% cotton, with a lovely mounted emblem that we designed for them, which was pressed in matte silver. The emblem was metaphoric for the plaque on their property gates, which made a grand appearance on their invitations (which we will blog at a later date).

    Bespoke Personal Stationery. Don’t wait for a special event to commission beautiful stationery. Paper says a lot about someone, just like their clothing style or taste in wine. We create beautiful social stationery that are great for keepsake gifts that keep giving. This box was lovingly crafted by hand to house these note cards!

    Vintage Persian Beauty. Telling the story of the couple in the artwork of a vintage plate design, this black, white, and gold design impressed all the guests for this Niagara-on-the-Lake wedding. Get a more up close and personal look on our blog later this fall!

    At The One & Only. Here, we have the gorgeous suites we created for a wedding that happened in the early summer in the Bahamas. Brilliant lucite cases with gorgeous presswork and a slip case covered with 900 hand set Swarovski crystals — when done well, it yields spectacular results. E-v-e-r-y single piece down to the tiniest crystal was hand-crafted lovingly. Thank you to our team, for all the late night hours of hand craftsmanship and dedication in making this happen 🙂

    60 is the new 40. Lastly, a couture (and surprise) 60th birthday, complete with the extraordinary design that completed the special occasion: a wooden invitation, thank you notes, gold pressed menus and seating cards, signage and customized napkins — the list goes on. Unforgettable parties begin and end with fabulous stationery that become keepsakes. We like to think of our work as keepers of time, markers of milestones. We will be sharing a post about the complete design for this event at a later date.

    Stay tuned for more next week! We have a lot of exciting thoughts and projects coming down the pipeline! Have a wonderful summer weekend!

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    Bespoke Moroccan-Inspired Wedding Stationery

    You may have already seen the wedding of Nancy and Mo in this issue of Wedluxe Magazine. They exchanged vows at an exclusive villa along the shores of the Dominican Republic, in the Carribean. The venue and exotic surroundings were breath-taking! The wardrobe for the wedding was simply stunning too.

    A Culturally-Inspired Affair. The Moroccan national culture is known for its rich civilization, and combination of Arabic, Berber, and Jewish roots. Nancy & Mo’s wedding was designed in a contemporary translation of Moroccan style, which true to parts of its history, was influenced by the French and Spanish. By incorporating some of the French influences and beautiful patterns found in Moroccan painting, pottery and interior design, we brought to life the story of the couple — they love travel, culture, and art. They find their bearing in each other.

    Lovely details included a 90-foot long ivory silk table runner from Pakistan that was from Mo’s family, and a moving wall projection created by Mo that incorporated the emblem we designed. We also made lovely little labels for the “message in a bottle” moment during Nancy & Mo’s speech: all guests simultaneously opened a tiny glass bottle to their own personalized note handwritten by the newlyweds. We wanted to share some of the in-studio photographs of the lovely stationery we design exclusively for their wedding, and the visual brand that we gave the event. Unforgettable parties begin with a PALETTERA invitation and finish with PALETTERA stationery! Enjoy!

    Hard cover rustic folio-styled invitations with a beautiful gold pressed medallion
    Hardcover folio-styled invitations with gold presswork and twine
    Beautiful moroccan-styled table numbers mounted on gold
    Petal cones with moroccan patterns
    beautiful tags for guests' welcome bags
    chocolate wrappers never looked so luxurious — tastefully abstract without words
    collage of moroccan styled stationery for the wedding of Nancy & Mo of Mango Studies
    Beautiful Moroccan menus, with gold presswork, in a refreshing layout.
    Beautiful charger menus in a Moroccan theme for a wedding in the Dominican Republic

    As you keep scrolling, you will see the professional photographs that were published in the magazine, showcasing the entire wedding! Nancy is one of the most beautiful brides we have seen, and her style is so effortless and feminine — simply captivating. The event was put together by Nancy and Mo’s good friend Melissa Andre and photographed by Nancy & Mo’s very own Mango Studios (of course!). It always brings satisfaction to see the stationery we designed come to life in the event setting.

    Congratulations Mo & Nancy! XO

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    Editorial Feature: Contemporary Wedding in Ming, at the Shangri-la Toronto

    In April, PALETTERA had the honour of producing and art directing an editorial at the Shangri-la Toronto. The fruits of our labour are now published in the newest issue of Today’s Bride Magazine. We were privileged to shoot in the exclusive Shangri-la Suite on the 17th floor — an artful experience of architecture and hospitality. Our vignettes depict a wedding day at the Shangri-la, through a lens of distilled elegance that aligns with the hotel’s thoughtful, luxurious, and custom-tailored experience.

    On behalf of our talented team of colleagues credited below, we present a contemporary editorial that brings together two main inspirations. The first, the beautiful narrative of the hotel’s space and the second, cultural influences of China’s Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), a noted period in which the literature and arts flourished. We paired a palette of blue & white with Emerald, the colour of the year, and interpreted Chinese porcelain through letterpress design. To finish, the design was highlighted with warm egg yolk yellow, antique gold, wood, and jade. We hope you love it as we take you through a journey on a day in the life of a bride and groom… at paradise in the city.

    5 page spread in Today's Bride Magazine

    A Little Love Story.

    Ashton is a city girl, with a love for fashion, art, and architecture. Quick and curious, she is a high achiever and possesses a refined eye for unique objects and a passion for history. She is marrying the love of her life, Joey who is an esteemed film-maker from Italy and practices in New York. They have travelled to inspiring cities together — Shanghai, London, Hong Kong, New York and Milan, just to name a few. Together, they most value the the story behind objects, the buzz of each city, and their voices within the global cultural landscape.

    Born and raised in Canada, Ashton is highly intrigued by her Chinese roots and has completed a masters degree in East Asian Studies. She wants to bring together some of the beautiful elements of her heritage, as well as the passion Joey and her have for Toronto and New york — a marriage of classic and contemporary en Vogue. She has chosen the Shangri-la hotel in Toronto to host her ceremony and reception. This location is especially meaningful as it is where Joey and Ashton first met. Ashton desires for her wedding to be distinctly her own, something refreshing, intelligent, substantial and thoughtful — a closely tailored, refined, and understated kind of luxury. Her favourite object is her single blue and white porcelain rice bowl that her parents have given her since she was 3 years old, and her most cherished piece of jewellery is a delicate jade and gold bracelet – which once belonged to her grandmother almost 100 years ago.

    Unforgettable parties begin with a PALETTERA invitation. Our hand-illustrated and letterpress-printed invitation suite, is presented in a hand-crafted hardcover folio with a dragon and phoenix that is gold debossed. The mix of antiqued gold presswork and letterpress-printed cotton paper is a substantial statement piece and artistic keepsake for guests.

    The day begins. A signature fruit basket is delivered in the morning for the bridal party to enjoy, once the ladies are pampered with the in-suite spa service.

    The bride awaits her groom in her stunning dress, after being treated to a custom manicure and otherwise indulging in a morning of heavenly comfort. Putting on her shoes, she gracefully positions herself, as she hears the knock at the door. He arrives with her bouquet in hand.

    A noteworthy feature of the Shangri-la Suite is the keyhole entranceway, with intricate Oriental sliding doors that open into the master suite. This room offers an intimate location for a couple’s first reveal.

    The Shangri-la offers a spectacular tea service with accompanying teaware that is nothing short of stunning. It is captured here with PALETTERA’s custom lucky money pockets, traditional to the Chinese culture. Paired with the decadent sense of place, any tea ceremony is made intimate and more meaningful.

    In addition, the tea library in the lobby of the hotel offers an intimate backdrop for the couple to share a sacred moment.

    The couple gaze at each other beyond the marble seating area and deep red velvet wall — another stunning backdrop.

    PALETTERA for Shangri-la and Today's Bride

    Ashton stands in the centre of the lobby, near the fire place. Beyond her is one of several gorgeous pieces of wall art in sweeping black brush strokes — inspired by Chinese Opera.

    The blushing bride looks out onto University avenue from the lobby’s bar on the ground level. Dancing above her are hundreds of beautiful yellow and emerald glass bulbs that illuminate the space. The delicately beaded bodice of her dress, designed by Valencienne, shimmers in the sunlight.

    The Art of Originality in Floral & Stationery. A gorgeous bouquet by Stemz effortlessly captures the bride’s heart — timeless, whimsical, romantic and lovely.

    PALETTERA’s exquisite menu card is designed to echo the invitation. It features blind-debossed lettering with original hand illustrations of birds, mountains and peonies, all inspired by the poetry, painting and porcelain of the Ming dynasty. The matting frames the main menu like a sapphire gem with gold lettering and 18k gold edge painting.

    An Oasis in the City. Dining in the Museum Room with chandeliers and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking University Avenue certainly has its charm. The tablescape, designed by the team at Stemz, features a tasteful combination of authentic Ming Dynasty porcelain artifacts with fresh spring florals in whites and yellows.

    A bespoke porcelain-inspired cake design by Bobbette and Belle is framed by the outdoor garden and patio space of the hotel. Sculpted and hand-painted, the cake is textured and graphically elegant. Lovely floral arrangements cascade around the cake, setting the perfect vignette.

    Table top art: Chef Damon Campbell arranges the amuse bouche (seared Pacific scallop, avacado puree, pickled mushroom, tograshi rice) as though it were a piece of art on each plate.

    A Perfect Pair: Each set of chopsticks at the Shangri-la symbolizes the coming together of two: the left and right chopstick are both plated in silver. They meet to form the “S” of Shangri-la’s logo.

    We send our thanks to the entire Shangri-la team for this incredible collaboration, top-notch hospitality and support for our team, and for demonstrating such excellence overall. Thank you especially to David, Angie and Kerry!

    Art Direction & Creative Producer: Deborah Lau-Yu
    Venue: The Shangri-la Suite, The Shangri-la Toronto
    Photography & Lighting: Krista Fox Photography
    Decor and Floral Design: Stemz
    Stationery: PALETTERA Custom Correspondences
    Beauty, Hair & Make-up: Aglow by Joan
    Custom Cake: Bobbette and Belle
    Jewellery: Tara Fava
    Dress: Valencienne
    Models: Ashton Hong and Joey Gideon-Cavalli

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    The Sacredness of Printed Matter.

    “IF print media is dying, only a failure of the imagination, or a shortage of will, can be to blame.”
    — exhibition at the Haus der Kunst in Munich.

    Print is sacred, despite the range of what “printing” might mean to the general public today. Every word must deserve to be on a page, literally, and also visually. The same applies to every image that either fills or makes way for white space — equally important. Our attitude towards producing objects and printed material should be passionate and serious, such that the final product held in one’s hand carries the weight of its significance and contribution to our culture. Otherwise, it is just the noise the pollutes an already cloudy world.

    Let us not be short of will or imagination. Let us anoint the art of design and production. Let our generation strive scrupulously for excellence in design and printing so that we leave a poignant and intelligible mark in our space and time.

    Here and now. Everything counts. Therefore, we are accountable.

    – Food for thought, from the desk of the Art Director

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    Wine-inspired Walnut Wood Invitations: a sneak peek of PALETTERA's recent work

    Not Pine, nor Birch… the order was for Walnut!

    We were recently commissioned to design an exquisite invitation suite for a very special man for his 60th birthday. His wife and business partner wanted us to capture his passion for life, his hometown and country of Italy, his love of family and friends, and appreciation of wine and gathering. Afterall, a 60th birthday with full family of multiple generations is a very important milestone — especially for a family that embraces celebration.

    Although we can’t give away the entire project here, let us take you through the journey of crafting the main piece, which was presented in a stunning navy blue handcrafted paper box. Each stroke of illustration and every inch of the box and components were all lovingly crafted by hand. What an incredible creative journey for a very special family celebration!

    Walnut invitations, stained and crafted with Palettera's original illustrated design and typography. Presented in a custom made navy blue paper box like a precious wine-inspired keepsake.

    The process was quite remarkable. From giant slabs of 8″ x 60″ walnut wood, our team had to cut and sand the wood into the working size for the design. This was not an easy feat, and the surface had to be perfectly flat. The first piece that came out… well, let’s just say that it remains a souvenir! Coats of oil were applied each piece using a brush, before we had to let it air out for several days.

    sanding and staining of custom walnut wood invitations by Palettera
    lots of air and drying time for wooden invitations at Palettera

    Here, we can see that the wood is drying slowly, and cannot be rushed. Each cut of the wood is unique, and so each guest invited gets a one-of-a-kind piece. No two pieces are the same — this is the beauty of working with wood and naturally occurring material.

    ready for the final steps of craftsmanship and painting

    Once we completed the preparation stage, we engaged in the most exciting and irreversible stage: searing the design into the wood, which permanently ingrains the design. The studio filled with the most incredible scent of fresh wood and organic oils. And of course, the piece of wood would be incomplete on its own. We put our final touches on each piece, such as a slight hint of gilding in gold, and a bold finishing colour. When dry, these would be carefully wrapped, boxed and sealed with a stunning letterpress printed label, like that of a well-designed wine bottle.

    hand painted details in gold and blue on walnut invitations by Palettera

    How nature is “designed” is so humbling. The natural colouring of the walnut wood is so beautiful: it has lighter and darker areas depending on how the tree grew. To bring out the most beautiful side of not only our illustration and typography, but also that of the wood, we lovingly inspected each piece to make sure that our design worked WITH the wood’s natural state. This is our gesture of respect towards the materials we extract from our environment, and also a commitment of excellence in our work.

    And sometimes, we are rewarded with some of the most breath taking visuals that take us to wondrous places, as beautiful as the sunset along the rolling hills of Sicily…

    wood grain offers a natural sunset in Sicily

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