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    The Designer goes camping.

    For Canada Day this year, I embarked on a very meaningful trek out of the urban grid to Algonquin Park for my very first time: a weekend of many firsts and definitely not lasts! We want to thank our good friends and hosts Allan & Michelle (groom & bride-to-be’s) for making the arrangements, bookings and preparations for food.

    It was my first time singing Oh Canada! standing on a canoe dock in harmony with portage store staff & other fellow Canadians waiting to paddle out. What a moment! Though slightly out of tune, it was a true moment of thankfulness that I live in such a wonderful country of freedom and opportunity.

    It was my first time canoeing! At first it was a bit difficult, but once we received some proper instruction on the strokes, it became a very therapeutic activity. The winds calmed down and it
    was absolutely gorgeous on the water!

    It was our first time portaging, well for me, it was more of a hiking experience. Luckily, I was in charge of my pack and not the canoe. Nonetheless, every step in the forest trails was inspiring – multitudes of greens and browns and differently shaped leaves and clusters. As someone who constantly draws from nature to produce graphic elements in our designs, it was really neat to be fully immersed in it and see completely new things than in the city. Beautiful tree barks that intertwine around its own trunk to create wondrous curves and braids; freshly sprouted offspring of mature trees are beautiful vignettes that create rhythm on the trail; clusters of leaves and twigs on the ground that form some oddly beautiful shapes; the shimmer of sunlight that peaked through the treetops to the rhythmic pulse of the wind – somehow I felt like I was in a dream – much like the art direction of Wedluxe’s Daydream issue. It was truly splendid.

    It was my first time falling asleep under the stars, with the milky way in perfectly clear view. It was my first time receiving a “wildlife bouquet torch” as flowers 😉 It was my first time paddling in a lilypad and waterlily-covered lake – it felt like I was swimming in blossoms.

    It was also my first time swimming in a lake! It was my first time being so unified with nature and this will definitely inspire a new line of letterpressed stationery very shortly! The designer goes camping…. and brings nature back to the City.

    Tags: Yorkville Toronto

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