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    The People Behind the Vision

    We work together to achieve things we can’t possibly do alone. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. -African proverb. At PALETTERA, this is one of our strongest core values. We work as a team towards a great dream. We define ourselves as visionaries in design and print production, as we carve out a meaningful brand within the Canadian and global landscape. We are deliberate in our promise of originality, finesse, and quality hand-craftsmanship — ultimately, to provide the most inspiring experience for you. RAISING UP A GENERATION As passionate artists, business thinkers,
leaders, project coordinators, graphic designers and craftsmen, we are hungry for growth and challenges. We create works of art that help people to connect with their life story, enabling them to have a voice. Design is not a window dresser or ornament. Rather, it is the practice that translates our physical, emotional, and spiritual realities into a tangible visual form. Our work has depth, substance, and is significant to both personal and public history. We embrace an artistic style. We also believe that design can solve problems and answer questions which we may otherwise not know how. Where people stop at trying to define boundaries that separate art and design, we fuse them together to make magic. We value the human touch in our artwork. Every stroke of ink is lovingly drawn onto paper by our hands, each stroke in relation to the last, creating graphic forms that are unique and cannot be achieved with a computer. Similarly, letterpress printing allows our artwork to have a vintage permanence that is tactile and inspiring. We are artists & storytellers. Authors use words, we begin with drawings. From initial
concept development through to formal design execution and hand craftsmanship, we are relentless in our pursuit of excellence. Through art, we are able to make what is ordinary extraordinary. Every individual is special. Therefore, every time we create a design for our clients, it is unique and never repeated. You would never want to walk into a
room wearing the same dress as someone else, and we wouldn’t ever want you to feel that way either! MAKING MEANING
We create from the heart. We lovingly tailor an original concept, provide artistic direction, and illustrate beautiful artwork to produce meaningful objects in-house. We are always striving to raise the bar and to elevate the
industry because we feel compelled to take care of our culture and generation. We are accountable to our circumstance. Just as there are circumstances that warranted mass production, we believe whole heartedly that within our generation, we can create meaningfully. As artists, producers, and executors, we should make things that matter,
and in a way where the value of process is made known. We uphold an unprecedented dedication to originality in design and production as an entity; our work unites the two practices that should have never been separate to start. We thrive on and embrace hybridity. Our work is a weave of disciplines: graphic design and art, history and culture, society, corporate and private events, event branding and product design, and fine art. As stylemakers we are impassioned about culture and lifestyle. We are in both the business of art and appreciate the art of business. “The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.” – Vince Lombardi Do you share the same sentiments? Do you want to dream with us? Join our team, as we are always looking for talented and passionate people to work with. Our combined efforts will move mountains.

    • OUR ART DIRECTOR: MINI BIOGRAPHY Recognized with the Best of 2010 & 2011 for Excellence in Stationery by Wedluxe Magazine, published in Applied Arts Magazine, Weddingbells, & Coupe Magazine, past winner of Young Achievement in Visual Arts by the Chinese Cultural Centre of Toronto, and the Director of Graphic Arts for the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards. Deborah Lau-Yu is a passionate designer-story-teller through her highly original and beautiful graphic work. Known to friends and family as a passionate artist since she was a child, Deborah created her first piece of correspondence when she was 3 years old. By age 5, she scribbled hand-drawn barcodes on the backs of her homemade cards, which her relatives have kept until today. She endulges in art and design, and naturally spreads her love and appreciation for art, paper, and printing to those around her. Her joie-de-vivre has been a contageous force in both the event and design industry. Deb received her Bachelors degree from the University of Waterloo, majoring in Urban Planning & Design, where she excelled in the area of design & spatial concepts. She proceeded to pursue her love for drawing and curiosity for design at York University, where she graduated at the top of the class and obtained her Masters in Graphic Design.

    At PALETTERA, we design and make custom correspondences for events, businesses, and personal purposes. We do this because...1 We are interested in People.
We tell the stories of our clients. We help our staff with their individual challenges and aspirations. We make magic with industry partners and our community. 2 We love to gather. We work together to achieve things we can’t possibly do alone. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. 3 We listen. We are servant leaders. Committed to our team, we listen first, ask questions second and make statements last. We strive to be humble & helpful at all times. 4 We ask, “ why not?” We are inspired by the people & objects around us, the experiences we share, and the knowledge that is yet to be uncovered. We observe, connect, and innovate — by being inspired, we make sparks fly! 5 We like to excite. We are constantly thinking about how the stories of this world can be better shared because life is about stories. We are magic makers, in pursuit of the extraordinary in the ordinary. 6 we keep moving. By embracing change, we are giving ourselves the chance to grow, and in turn, the opportunity to change lives. 7 we are relentless. Unafraid, we can create anything we dream. Only by experiencing challenges and failures can we do good. 8 we are accountable. Deliberate in our actions, we are accountable to the results. We find solutions and take care of our team. WE PASSIONATELY CREATE WORKS OF ART THAT HELP PEOPLE TELL THEIR STORIES. At PALETTERA, we design and make custom correspondences for events, businesses, and personal purposes. And this is how we make the world a better place.

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