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    The Sacredness of Printed Matter.

    “IF print media is dying, only a failure of the imagination, or a shortage of will, can be to blame.”
    — exhibition at the Haus der Kunst in Munich.

    Print is sacred, despite the range of what “printing” might mean to the general public today. Every word must deserve to be on a page, literally, and also visually. The same applies to every image that either fills or makes way for white space — equally important. Our attitude towards producing objects and printed material should be passionate and serious, such that the final product held in one’s hand carries the weight of its significance and contribution to our culture. Otherwise, it is just the noise the pollutes an already cloudy world.

    Let us not be short of will or imagination. Let us anoint the art of design and production. Let our generation strive scrupulously for excellence in design and printing so that we leave a poignant and intelligible mark in our space and time.

    Here and now. Everything counts. Therefore, we are accountable.

    – Food for thought, from the desk of the Art Director

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