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    The Vintage Industrial Look: Get yours!

    Perfect for Printmakers, Photographers, Artists

    It’s younger than Antique, it’s older than Modern, it’s Vintage! We can all relate in some way or another to the ongoing industrial revolution in design. I’ve always been a curious one — wishing that I could be a bird that could fly into every industrial building in Toronto and take a peek at what’s inside. It would be SO COOL to tour every trade and see what happens inside, except that a lot of the industrial buildings have long been emptied out. They may be physically emptied of the production and equipment that once existed inside, but the spirit of these urban historical buildings retain a mysterious charm. Whenever I used to take the GO bus in and out of town, I was always captivated by the hand-painted signage of the Tip Top Tailors building, and all the other surrounding buildings in the skyline that were in the process of being converted into designer lofts. These buildings are an important part of the city’s heartbeat and history. We can each relate to work and productivity and the idea of progression, which only exists if there is a past to progress from.

    Well, though the buildings themselves may not be attainable for most, some of the objects and belongings of the trades are! I remember how sad I was when Ray’s uncle told me that he had to PAY someone to turn his large letterpress into scrap metal, when the traditional printing industry was marginalized by the onset of computers and digital printing. I now own the smaller version of what he owned, but it would have been so much neater to do my letterpress printing on the same one that he used in the 50’s and 60’s, when he first worked as a typesetter and printer in Toronto. Every piece of pre-owned equipment and object makes me so curious and feel connected with the printmakers and artisans and workers of the past. Every little scratch or imperfection on my vintage typeblocks feels human and transfers a bit of another person’s history onto everything that I create. Isn’t that wonderful? It’s a connection with time that cannot be duplicated.

    Would you like to start thinking about how you can make your own connections? To all photographers, painters, artists, designers, anyone who needs to store flat and thin images and objects: be inspired by the Palettera studio setting and own your own vintage print cabinet! Each 23″ high cabinet has 10 smooth-gliding rolling shelves, perfect for large prints, maps, paintings, anything paper or canvas! We have two available, former home for vintage maps and prints. Stacks to be 46″. $750 each or $1200 for both. Makes a great industrial-looking coffee table or cross-legged poker surface. Add a piece of a glass and add photos for surface display that can multi-function as a bookshelf against a wall.

    Tags: Yorkville Toronto

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