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    To Royal Goodness

    I recent had a conversation with an inspiring and successful entrepreneur, who happens to be my client. He said, “when you do something good, (or something good happens), more good things will follow.” Seems simple! “Doing something good” doesn’t mean just for yourself; it’s usually intentionally or unintentionally for a greater purpose or towards some greater vision. I believe that because we work hard and put our hearts into our designs, that it blesses others with the gift to experience art, and to be inspired. It’s not just design for the sake of good design. It’s truly about story-telling that has possibility – the possibility of spreading some “good”.

    The Royal Wedding helped to get the ball rolling generating some good too! I’m genuinely happy for Prince William and Kate Middleton, now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Because of Princess Diana’s great legacy and tragic ending, the world has curiously invested in the life of Prince William, hoping for something good to come for him. Perhaps people are generally hoping that he can continue the great work his mom started. We can’t see into the future, but I’m generally a fan of the new couple and hope that they continue to bless others with their love and gifts. Their regal wedding generated a lot of buzz & commercial fuss, but personally, their wedding was a very sacred day that reminds us of love, the tradition and sacredness of marriage, family, and life. It was a day that a lot of people yearned to see, as it carried some hope and goodness to parts of the world. The minister’s message was resounding, even at 6 a.m. in the morning, as I dragged my husband out of bed to watch with me. To witness such a sacred message of celebration that was shared by billions in the world really moved me. Congratulations to the new couple, I hope you continue to spread a lot of royal goodness, for two are stronger than one.

    Your royal wedding was a blessing to us too! It allowed us the opportunity to produce some awesome creatives that we would have otherwise not explored in the same way. Before the engagement was even announced, Wedluxe had asked us to create an invitation suite inspired by royalty. We used Princess Di as our main inspiration and created a hand-crafted boxed suite, featuring an original hand-drawn letterpress invitation with crystals & foil details. It was well-received when people spotted it in the magazine, and we are humbled by the interest that has been generated! We also did a creative shoot that was published in Style Me Pretty, and another Princess Bride shoot for the Wedluxe blog — both inspired by the love story of Will & Kate. Their little something good led to good things for us, all the way over here in historic Unionville, Ontario!

    To more good things!

    photo by Mimmo and Naz

    photo by Mimmo & Naz

    photo by Dave & Charlotte

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