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    Visual Treats in Kensington Market

    Typographic & visual treats in Kensington

    When not designing or letterpressing or sketching, I like to take breaks with my husband to experience something outside of our usual 5 km radius — a breather, and gathering of new inspirations. So on Sunday, between working on designs for two weddings, we took a trip downtown in hopes of eating at Reliable Fish & Chips (been craving it since its big change on Restaurant Makeover). Sadly, it was closed and so we drove across Queen and eventually after being unable to decide, decided on eating our way through the Kensington Market. Typographic & visual treats galore, I took out my camera and snapped a few things. Sifted through the pages of the “Handmade in Paris” book and completely fell in love with the idea of going to Paris sometime soon. Had some freshed baked breads and pastries and some fish and chips. Had there been more room in my stomach, I would have bought a fresh mango-strawberry smoothie. Next time. Recharged. Ready to create again.

    Tags: Yorkville Toronto

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