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    Warmest Wishes for a Joyous Twenty-Twelve!

    All of us at Palettera want to thank you for many happy memories in 2011, where we celebrated every moment we spent designing thoughtful and beautiful creations to tell your story. We deeply hope that our work offers you inspiration, a relationship with art, and a warm connection to humanity.

    Storytelling, innovation in design, traditional letterpress printing, thoughtful detail, meticulous hand craftsmanship, and our original artwork are just some of the things that are at the core of Palettera. It can become cumbersome at times, but our work is truly a labour of love. Many of you sent us a holiday message sharing how much you love our work for its deeper meaning and unique hand crafstmanship — it was so encouraging! From our heart to yours – HAPPY 2012: may it be a year of celebration. As we continue to build our body of work in twenty-twelve, we promise to passionately deliver our best.

    Twenty-twelve at PALETTERA: the Language of Culture.

    Tags: Yorkville Toronto

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