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    Year-in-Review: Stephanie & Michael, married at King's Riding Golf Club

    Next up on our list of featured weddings, we have Stephanie Wilson & Michael Cross, married on September 18, 2010. This couple has a cute love story.

    Steph and her mom came to see me last year, super excited about the big day at King’s Riding Golf Club, King City. Stephanie, a teacher and lover of horses and horse-back riding, was delighted that she could have the best of both worlds: countryside & some city glamour. She is a down-to-earth and kind-hearted young woman, and it showed it in the way she worked with us! She mentioned that she had been with her fiancé for a very long time, and this was a day that they had been looking forward to for the longest time. Their wedding colours brought together hints of summer and fall — deep rose reds, royal purples and touches of ivory, pearl and crystals.

    All I could think of when they shared their love story with us was that it really reminded me of that oh-so-very-romantic love song “Marry Me” by Train. If you haven’t heard it (impossible, really), here’s a link to the youtube video: Train’s Marry Me.

    Steph and Michael were set up on a blind date when they only 15 and 16 years old! Thanks to their mutual friend, they continued to grow in their friendship and dated for a full and wonderful 10 years – that’s a decade! At that point, Michael decided that it was time! He took Steph out to a local coffee shop — the same coffee shop where they met, and as she looked up to pick from the menu, she was pleasantly surprised! “Steph, will you marry me?” written in chalk was the only item she could see and of course she said yes!

    They decided to get married in the fall, and completely embrace the idea of a country golf club in autumn for their entire theme. So fittingly, all the elements were inspired by a glamourized countryside outlook, from the stationery to the florals and décor. For their stationery, we created a very classic emblem that featured a horseshoe, hydrengeas and both family names. The invitation, like a dress, was tied in the back, and untied in a gatefold to present a beautifully personalized design (you’ll have to come and see the inner portion in the studio). Short of getting into an elaborate crest, we wanted to capture the country-inspired elements and their love for horse-back riding. Steph is a teacher and Michael is a pilot, and so throughout their stationery, there are moments of spontaneity where there are symbols of apples and airplane clouds that tie their story together. Our choice and combination of rustic and whimsical fonts also gave the invitation and all the stationery a very warm character, which perfectly matched the setting of the golf club. To top it off, of course we placed two Swarovski crystals on the cover of the invitations, adorning the hydrengeas, which were hand-drawn in ink.

    To the couple, the most inspiring part of the stationary design process was, “the time and thought Deb put into getting to know us and how to create/personalize our stationary.” We hope that this inspires other couples to develop a relationship with their designer and to settle…. Only for everything! This is the one time you print something so intricate and personally yours; make the most of it! For each of their tables, instead of numbers, they named them after important values in marriage: love, devotion, loyalty, friendship….. we loved this idea, as it refocuses the celebration on marriage itself. 🙂

    One of PALETTERA’s favourite elements about this wedding was the horse and carriage to take them from the church to the reception. This was also one of the most special moments of Steph and Michael’s day! Getting into the horse and carriage, and being greeted by friends, family and pedestrians truly made them feel like Ontario royalty! Steph stepped out in her beautiful Badgley Mischka shoes and carried some beautiful flowers. Her florals and decor were designed by Kings Riding.

    When asked what was their favourite moment, aside from the horse and carriage ride, the undisputed answer was the moments of Stephanie walking down the aisle and seeing all their family and friends present to share in their happiness. Their day was kept cozy, so that these VIP’s could have a great time together to share a wonderful meal and to have some hearty fun.

    Congratulations and happy anniversary to Stephanie & Michael Cross!

    Some words of advice from the couple to all the to-be-weds and newlyweds:
    Never lose sight of the important things in life.
    Live, Love & Laugh!

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